House Record

by Neal Read

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released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Neal Read Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Shedlyfe
What I wouldn't give to be
in the canopy.
We've all been watching too much tv

Brother there are lies in your situation
can't you see the damage in the things you have done?
You've been staring too long at the sun,
all you see is afterglow of your fun.

Mother there is truth that comes from you,
though we never listen, never listen it's true.
Now you're raging at us with the ocean blue,
but we still be killin bees, poisoning food.

Sister there is pain in your eyes
from the ways you've been compromised.
Now you're screaming out against these lies,
but men are blocking ears to your cries.
Track Name: Eye To Eye
Never would've made it as a shorter man,
you of all people should understand.
It's not the power of our point of view,
it's about seeing eye to eye with you.

We walk 'round this city,
our strides perfectly aligned.
I tell you you're pretty,
and your arm appears in mine.

Shorter women
have a hold on me it's true.
I hope I am forgiven
when I leave every one of them for you.
Track Name: Is Regret
Finally you came
You came to speak your piece
You came to break me down
You came and you conquered
You saw me go down the way you always wanted
Heartbreak wasn't good enough
You wanted more out of me
And I watch you grow
And I watch you ache
And I watch you cut me to pieces
And I watch as you walk all over everything I brought into this

Christmas comes around knockin
All my friends'll be home soon
Will I go out of my way?
Or will I hide in my room again?
It's not that I don't love them
It's not that I don't try
It's not that I don't want to feel alive
It's just that I'm feelin this rut I'm in
Don't forget
Out there there is demons
There is darkness yet
A man in a red suit
A man in a red suit is stealing your car
Never looked classier from too far way to do anything

(get out and hang)
Track Name: Checks
I think I've got a wasting disease
my body's slipping away from me.
All the checks and the tests that I run
come back negative except for one.

I'm positive you've taken me with you
and my body's following to see it through

I grow hungry I may not eat
this pit inside's confusing me.
Wastrel what are you running on?
Cups of tea and a half-finished song.
Track Name: Live in Antigonish (6 tracks)

I'm leaving you in the Margaree

I'm gone, I'm going
leaving you in the Margaree
though it's nice to be on the road again
it's oh so bittersweet

I've got this road
all to myself
gonna find the smoothest way

Guess I'll chalk you up
another line against my eye
shows up when I'm laughing
never when I cry

Pretty Eyes:

I've been thinking about pretty eyes
not as much as I've
been thinking about you.
Darkness seems to subside
for the sake of soft light
streaming around you.

And the sun
offers up a sillouette
through thin fabric of your dress
and a gentle breeze
seems to further outline for me

I've never really liked
the smell of roses
it's always been lilies
and lemongrass for me
but my favorite scent of all
has got to be the one
on an on-shore breeze


I've been writing in this key
because my shower fan forces me.
It's not the best part of my range
rings nicely though, soft and strange.

I think I've got a wasting disease
my body's slipping away from me.
All the tests and the checks that I run
come back negative, except for one:

I'm positive you've taken me with you
and that my body's following to see it through.

I grow hungry, yet I may not eat
this pit inside's confusing me.
'Wastrel, what are you running on?'
Mugs of whiskey, and half-finished songs

'Mercury is out of retrograde tonight,
the full moon's tomorrow' so she said it's a good time.
Rock's in the sky, reflecting life's light
you would dare compare them, to what your body does to mine?

One thing I've learned, time and again
is never trust your lover near the end.
Lovers are for leaving,
my love-life, has been a little self-deceiving.

Oh Creature:

Oh timid creature, you were right to fear me.
You're like the ocean, I'm not even a lake you'll see

There's no depth, to me

Oh honest creature, will you ever learn to lie?
so upstanding, don't you get tired?

Oh nightmare creature, keep your lurking out of sight.
'Cause I've seen you, under the harsh daylight.
and there's no depth...

Oh brave creature, full of your liquid fire.
Try not to spill any of your desire.

I've been feeling reckless, I've been feeling rude.
I've been feeling reckless, around you.

Myndi Wins:

It speaks about unconditional love,
Of throwing yourself in the dark
and not expecting a thud.
It speaks about getting one.

It speaks about two dark eyes,
a heart not really pumping blood
but full of compromise.
It speaks about cold dark times

Like a thick shell that moves through you,
When you came to you knew nothing else.
It's about the place we share
when you're not there casting spells

It speaks about the way I am,
it's always open ended
but you can't get in and I'll be damned.
It speaks of a broken land.

It speaks of a dried up well,
your heart belongs to someone else
but doesn't have a hope in hell.
It speaks for a dried up well.


Not gonna write another song about loss,
cause there was no leaving.
Well it's true that you've gone off,
I still see you every evening.
Oh sure I've made my bed,
Seemed to fit you like a glove.
Strength and trust in its foundation,
it's wide open, free-range love.

But I've overcommitted,
overcommitted it seems.
I've overcommitted
to this dream.

I got just what I wanted,
lucky lucky me.
It's not nice being the one left behind,
but it's increased my productivity.
I am a simple, steady creature,
slow to make my way.
All that spark and fire that we created,
I stole from you I'd say.

Your cup it overflows,
I caught a drop and dyed my clothes
dressed right up, wore it around
you know it, I was the talk of the town

But I've overcommitted,
overcommitted it seems
I've overcommitted,
so I don't worry.
Track Name: Greasie
Dirty hand on my fork,
Filthy hand is on my knife.
I've chosen to be greasy,
For the rest of my life.
And the cracks in my skin,
Hold it all in.

Filthy hand on my knife,
Dirty hand that grips my fork.
Hashbrowns, toast, and eggs,
'nd at two kinds of pork.
The lines 'round my eyes,
Never tell a lie.

Dirty spoon that stirs my coffee,
Two creamers though I like it black.
Got to cool it down and drink it quickly,
If I'm ever going to get sweet Marguerite to come back..

To this dirty hand on my fork,
Filthy hand that grips my knife.
I've chosen to be greasy,
For the rest of my life.

The lines 'round my eye,
Never tell a lie.
The cracks in my skin,
Hold it all in.